No matter if you consider yourself to be a “ride person” or you only like amusement parks for the food, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom really does have it all. The park is a blast for all ages, jam packed with rides of all levels of adventure.

If you don’t know where to start with the rides, I got your back. Here are my favorite rides at Dorney Park, starting with the rides that will give you the most thrills and ending with the rides that are for everyone!

  1. Steel Force: My personal favorite roller coaster, but I’m also a huge fan of heights. Brace yourself for how high and fast this coaster goes – you’ll reach a whopping 75 mph as you fly down the 205-foot drop. Better hold on!
  1. Dominator: This ride definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. Shoot either upward or downward at 40 mph for incredible views. Be prepared for your stomach to drop.
  1. Screamin’ Swing: I definitely wouldn’t go on this ride after lunch – or if you’re afraid of heights. This ride isn’t your average swing, however. It swings you around and flips you upside down at 60 feet in the air.
  1. ThunderHawk: While this roller coaster is a little bit less scary than Steel Force, all of you thrill seekers out there would still approve of this ride (cause I know I do). I also love the fact that this roller coaster is made out of wood, which isn’t something you see too much anymore.
  1. Wild Mouse: You can fit up to four people on this “cat and mouse” themed ride, making it a really great rides for families.
  1. Woodstock Express: This mini roller coaster in “Planet Snoopy” takes you over little hills and turns for a tamer thrill - the perfect ride for adventure-seeking children.
  1. Sea Dragon: Don’t be fooled by the name – this ride is actually a large Viking-themed ship. Dorney Park’s website couldn’t describe this ride better: “This 60-foot-long Viking-themed ship swings you back and forth, producing the sensation of weightlessness like you’re riding troubled waves on the high seas with your crew.”
  1. Whip: Fun fact – The Whip is the oldest ride at Dorney Park. Despite the implications of its name, this ride goes easy on you. It’s a family friendly ride that “whips” and turns you very lightly around a track.
  1. Ferris Wheel: Dorney Park offers so many unique rides, but sometimes it’s nice to stick with the classics. The Ferris Wheel is a perfect way to end your day of adventure because as you go way up, you’ll get an amazing view of the whole park. It’s really pretty at night with all the twinkling lights.
  1. Zephyr: After a day of twists and turns, sit back and relax on this miniature train as you travel around the park on this scenic ride.

No matter your level of adventure, you’ll be sure to find a ride you love at Dorney Park. Check out our blog next week for The Best Rides in Wildwater Kingdom!

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