Thanksgiving is supposed to be about tradition and family. It's supposed to be one of the easiest holidays to celebrate, except if you're the one cooking.

So whether or not you are the cook for your family's thanksgiving feast here are 10 helpful tips for surviving Thanksgiving in Lehigh Valley!

  1. Travel early and make it an adventure. If you're staying overnight at your destination or if you just traveling more than 2 hours, enjoy the trip to that destination. Leave yourself some time to stop somewhere and shop or eat on the way. Cutting that 2+ hour journey in half with a stop along the way can make it easier on everyone.
  2. Stay in a hotel. Everyone's family is great, but moderation is a key factor. Staying at a hotel in town, means you'll be close without being too close.
  3. Don't over eat. It's just that simple. There will be leftovers, there are always leftovers, this isn't your last meal.
  4. Take a walk. Whether you're someone who exercises or not, a walk will help clear your mind and work off that second helping of turkey.
  5. During your Thanksgiving feast, whether it's at a restaurant, in a dining room or around the television, put AWAY your phones and mobile devices. Just enjoy the moment, twitter, facebook and pinterest will be alright without you for an hour or two.
  6. Shopping. People will shop on Thursday Night and into Friday, but don't forget about Small Business Saturday. Lehigh Valley is home to great small businesses that could have just the gift you're looking for.
  7. Go out and play. Hit up Lehigh Valley Grand Prix or the Model Train Exhibit at Merchant's Square Mall. After the feast is over, it doesn't have to be all about shopping, it can just be about having a good time.
  8. You don't have to like football but... it is as much a tradition of Thanksgiving as the parade or "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and that's what it's all about, Tradition.
  9. Change is good within reason. But make sure to maintain some traditions, that's what makes your family your family!
  10. Be nice. You do want to be invited back for the Holidays in a few weeks, don't you?

That's it. See you on the others side of the turkey, when the Holiday Season is in full swing!

Bonus tips:

  • Extra garlic in your turkey will keep the vampires away.
  • Beware of  triptophan comas.
  • No matter what anyone says, they always have room for pie.
  • Unless you are a trained professional, do NOT deep-fry your turkey!
  • It is perfectly acceptable to have a turkey sandwich following dessert.
  • There may or may not be such a thing as too much alcohol. (Consult your family, exact answers may vary.)
  • Remember, Thanksgiving takes a lot of hot air!