The weather finally broke for a day this past Saturday in Lehigh Valley and my golfing buddies everywhere were ringing each other up to play Allentown Municipal Golf Course.  Slash contacted me... I contacted Bird... Jackie reached out to Bob "O"... Before anyone knew it we had 16 guys ready to play on Saturday morning.  Friday night was like Christmas Eve... didn't sleep all that much in anticipation of the following morning's round.  Showing up early enough to get good and loose on the range, which took much more time than it did at the end of last season... a year older... hopefully a year wiser in many respects.

Anyway, to get the day going... we all told ourselves we were just gonna have fun today.  Yeah, certainly we were gonna gamble.  The game that day as dictated to us by Commissioner Slash was going to be "Miami"... a points game.  But, back to the "just gonna have fun and not expect too much theme"... we decided to undertake a "blood oath", of sorts, on the range before the round started.  No, we weren't imbibing "Tiger Blood" a la Charlie Sheen.  We simply agreed to sip some Courvoisier instead while reminding ourselves not to take ourselves too seriously today.  Well, that worked initially, as I think there were only 5-6 opening tee shots out of 16 that hit the fairway on the first hole.  No one seemed to care though.  We were ON A GOLF COURSE!

As the round progressed we found ourselves reminding each other of our blood oath on the range... it helped and I couldn't help thinking that maybe I could carry this perspective forward the entire year.

We'll see what develops with that mind-set, but I know two things for sure... 1.  It felt good to be on a golf course again with my friends... and 2.  Courvousier will be in my bag the entire year!

Take the time to check out a golfing experience at Allentown Municipal as soon as you can... walking, riding, practicing... whatever... it's all right here in our backyard in the Lehigh Valley.  The staff at Allentown Municipal will make you feel as welcome as they make us feel each weekend!