The summer concert announcements are flying fast and furious this time of the year. (I am already sitting on a pile of Bruce Springsteen and Kings of Leon tickets that are worth a down payment on a house.) In Lehigh Valley, The Allentown Fair has started announcing their line up for their end-of-summer bash.

I've been around the fair all my life - I guess you could say I know people there. I've also been working backstage since the ripe old age of 18. That's a lot of shows and fair food. (I'll get back to the food and other fair activities once it gets closer.)
In the past few weeks, the fair has announced three shows: Comedian Jeff Dunham and the original American Idol Kelly Clarkson (both on sale 2/21) and country singer Brad Paisley (on sale 2/28).

Personally, I'm an indie/alternative rock guy - don't know much about any of the acts. I do know that when the fair had comedian Larry The Cable Guy, people where rolling down the stairs of the Historic Grandstand. Folks around here tell me that Jeff Dunham will produce the same kind of reaction. According to some friends, Brad Paisley is like the Jimmy Page of country guitar. And Kelly Clarkson's latest single debuted on the charts at #97, and a week later was sitting on top at #1. Again, not my cup of tea, but they certainly seem talented.

Here are Dunham, Clarkson, and Paisley in action.