Have you ever been addicted to a sandwich? I mean really addicted. Do you go out and buy this addictive sandwich twice a week or more? I have such a sandwich; The Signature Sandwich at the Deli Plaza. Or is it Plaza Deli, I've heard it both ways. But no matter which way you say it, it's always on the corner of 10th and Hamilton in Allentown.

They have a great menu and although I do order one sandwich most of the time, I don’t exclusively order it all the time. I’ve had their Ruben and their Chicken Tenders, which comes with fries ... they do have great fries. I still need to try their Gyros and their burgers look good, too. I don’t think you can go wrong at the Deli Plaza, but I still believe everyone should try the Signature Sandwich.

The Signature is great. It's listed under Specials and I'm not surprised ... I'm addicted to it. I do have it at least twice a week.

We're talking grilled chicken, mounds of it, lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers both sweet and banana (green, grilled, or jalapeño if you ask), mayo, Caesar dressing and cheese (although in the interest of full disclosure, I forgo the cheese).

Could this be more than just a signature sandwich, could it be the signature sandwich of Allentown, or the Lehigh Valley? I guess I'm letting my taste buds get the best of me, or at least my keyboard, so I'll just suffice to say it's definitely my signature sandwich.

What's your favorite sandwich?