The human body is a fascinating, complex specimen when it comes to the world of science. There are the rather obvious facts, such as the number of bones we have (Answer: 206, although as infants we start out with over 300). And the fact that humans have four types of blood (A, B, AB and O).

But, are you aware of some of the more “impolite” natures and facts about our bodies? Like why do we burp, pass gas, and vomit? How do our kidneys remove waste, a.k.a. urine? Or, where does all the snot come from when we are sick or suffering from allergies?

Well, these and other interesting facts about our bodies are being revealed in Lehigh Valley at Da Vinci Science Center’s latest exhibit titled GROSSOLOGY.

This interactive, hands-on exhibit allows us to take a look inside multiple facets of our bodies including an almost life-size “Operation” game table where you can try to remove body parts with tongs. There’s also a trivia game where you can compete against your family and friends to be the “grossest” smarty pants during your visit. You can even climb the fiberglass wall of human skin with pimples, warts, hair and more!

This exhibit is part of their Year of the Human Body series. GROSSOLOGY will be available for your viewing pleasure through September 2, 2013. It is included in the price of admission to Da Vinci Science Center. So, why not pack up the kids (or the adults!) and head out for some fun?

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