After The Great Allentown Fair (BTW, I can't wait to see Rush on August 31), my favorite Lehigh Valley fair would have to be the one in Schnecksville. That would be the 27th Annual Schnecksville Fair, which starts on Monday and runs through next Saturday.

Each year I volunteer some of my time to help out at the hot dog stand, which benefits the Fair directly. Besides the hot dogs and people watching, here are a couple of reasons why I like this Fair:

1. Parking is free. 2. It's pretty cheap to get in. (Here's a $1 off coupon for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!) 3. Admission includes ALL rides, entertainment and shows. 4. They have a great Saturday night fireworks show. 5. There's a great variety of food, from ice cream sundaes to tacos!

The Fair also has some fun contests for the kids. My son has two ribbons from the pedal tractor pull contest, although now he is too old to participate anymore (he just got his driver's license yesterday!). They also have baking contests, coloring contests and live animals to view. Another favorite of mine is the chainsaw carving competition. You should see the masterpieces these guys (and gals) create!

I'm hoping there's some good weather for fair week. I'll be there on Tuesday night, how about you?