Since the beginning of time there have always been rivalries. Competition is healthy and good for everyone. Lehigh Valley is no different. From Lehigh and Lafayette, to Easton and Phillipsburg, to the cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, these battles still surge. Now comes the biggest of them all (insert sarcasm here), the battle for water ice supremacy. That’s right, water ice. A few weeks back the Morning Call chronicled the war between underdog, Lehigh Valley Polish Water Ice (LVPWI), and goliath, Rita’s.

It all started a while back when LVPWI contracted a billboard with Adams Outdoor directly across the street from Rita’s MacArthur Rd. location, claiming “No U-turn Needed!” Pretty clever since anyone who has traveled this stretch of roadway has probably cursed the fact of needing to use a jug-handle to make a turn. With LVPWI located on Rt. 329 just north of this Rita’s location, it makes perfect sense. Plus I’m sure it made most people chuckle when they saw the advertisement, thus breaking through the advertising clutter.

Well it didn’t stop there. The owners of LVPWI continued to push the envelope in this newly formed rivalry and evolved their outdoor campaign. I personally loved the creative spirit of the new outdoor board claiming “They can’t beat us on taste. (Or price!)” A statement that I believe to be true, as their cost is slightly lower and I personally believe their product is better. This is where the corporate brass at Rita’s started to have a conniption. I’m sure their legal team claimed that copyright laws were infringed on and the Rita’s likeness or some legal mumbo-jumbo was violated.

LVPWI adhered to the request and took the board down. Never one to shy away from an opportunity (and some free press) they continued the battle by posting a new billboard removing the Rita’s likeness adding the line “Happy Now?” with a baby wailing. Again, pretty clever.

So in the spirit of healthy competition, and as a consumer, I can’t wait to see what comes next. From humorous advertising, to great new flavors (Internal monologue. Can I request bacon flavor? We all know anything with bacon is better. Um bacon! Sorry, I got side-tracked there.), to a product that is silky smooth with flavor throughout, Lehigh Valley Polish Water Ice is my choice. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the campaign and their product Lehigh Valley. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out their facebook page for some great deals.