The best gift of all is time. Obviously, you're not going to give someone a gift of three hours. But then again, maybe you can. For the holidays this year I treated my mother to a trip to the movies in Lehigh Valley. I didn't give her a gift card to the movies, but instead I picked her up and took her to the movies. We saw The Muppets at the Tilghman 8.

It was better than good, great even. But I've promised myself not to give out spoilers, so I'll leave it at this. Jason Segel wrote a very good script and I'm happy that he was the one chosen to resurrect The Muppets. And there was a buzz about an upcoming movie when they did Bohemian Rhapsody and Beaker's Ballad.

Now, you could say it's a bit early to be giving out gifts, but movies that my mother and I both want to see don't come along all that often. Although I probably would have taken her to see one of "her movies" as well. Also, it's fitting that this was The Muppets as my mother was the one who introduced me to the world of Jim Henson.

Now, I took my mother to Tighlman 8, but there are so many other options here:

Rave at Promenade
Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema
Civic Theatre
Emmaus Cinema
Roxy Theatre
Regal Northampton

There are theaters all of Lehigh Valley that one of them should be a prime location to treat your friends or family out to a movie night. The only questions that remain now are - Who are you taking? Where are you going? And what are you seeing?