The Killers were as excited to get on stage as the fans were to see them. They didn't even wait for the overhead lights to dim from the opening act.

On Thursday, May 15, the Sands Bethlehem Event Center celebrated its second anniversary with one of their biggest acts to date. Announced in late February, The Killers would be the centerpiece of a month-long strand of shows.

Not only are The Killers one of the biggest acts to come through the Sands, they are also the fastest-selling show to date. In less than an hour and a half from the onsale time of tickets, the show sold out.

Their performance certainly did not disappoint fans who were in attendance last night. Many traveled from outside the area to attend the show, as the band has not toured much in recent years.

[caption id="attachment_19202" align="alignright" width="220"]So, we kinda sat in the back So, we kinda sat in the back[/caption]

For a sold out show, everything seemed to run very smoothly. Plenty of staff members were available outside to check tickets and provide wristbands for those over 21 so that traffic moved smoothly without too much waiting. The same can be said for the lines at the various bars throughout the Event Center- everything went out without a hitch, and with very little waiting around.

Just after 8 p.m., opening act Joywave took the stage with a set that did a great job warming the crowd for the headliner. After a small bit of downtime, The Killers took the stage shortly after 9 p.m., without even waiting for the overhead lights to dim.

4They kicked off the show with a crowd favorite, "While You Were Young." From the get go, it was clear that the energy level throughout the set would be unparalleled. As the first song ended, the lights dramatically dropped as the stage lights took over for the rest of the show.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers chatted between songs, saying that his brother was very confused when he first mentioned that they were playing in Bethlehem that night. The band seemed genuinely appreciative of the energy and excitement that they received from the crowd. Flowers said, " Sometimes when you take some time off you wonder people will forget about you but you're all still here. So let's get to singing."

The rest of the night was filled with just that.

The Killers played every hit, and sounded great the whole way through. One of the highlights for me was the strong chorus of 'I got soul but I'm not a soldier' echoing throughout the Event Center during "All These Things That I Have Done." Other favorites included "Somebody Told Me," "Spaceman," "Read My Mind," "Runaways," and a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising."

The band ended the night with a three-song encore, closing with "Mr. Brightside." You can view the full set list here.

From last night's show, you would have never guessed that The Killers have been out of the limelight for a bit.

To view other upcoming events at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center, visit their website.

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