Last Monday, I was seriously in the mood to crash my car into every vehicle I passed. I wasn't in a bad mood or anything. After nearly three hours at the J&J Demolition Derby, the last big hurrah every year at The Great Allentown Fair, I was so psyched from watching cars ram each other, I couldn't help it! Lucky for everyone driving through Lehigh Valley, I didn't give in to the urge to use my Subaru as a battering ram.

My buddy Jon and I arrived about a half hour before the demo derby was scheduled to begin. Seating at the derby is first come first serve and, by the time we got there all the good seats (the ones closest to the center of the grandstand) were filled. Armed with a Flip video recorder and a digital camera, we were on a mission to get some great shots of this event anyhow, so we didn't mind standing on the walkway between the grandstand and the track, where the cars and trucks were "performing."

The demo derby consisted of three car heats and, for the first time at the Allentown Fair, a truck heat - which resulted in the hardest intentional hit I've ever seen between two vehicles (thanks, Jon, for getting this moment on video). The three cars that were still running at the end of each heat advanced to the final round for the ultimate showdown.

Before each heat began, the participants lined up facing the crowd with their wildly painted, windshield-less, chained-together clunkers. These vehicles crack me up! One had a giant stuffed snake strapped to the roof; another had a pink gorilla. Several had a set of bull horns mounted on them. And all of them had stuff written on them - everything from people's names to slogans to local businesses.

As I snapped away with my camera (check out all the "good" pics here), I cheered right along with the crowd. Engines revved, followed by the sound of crushing metal and the roar of the crowd. That's pretty much the extent of it. Simple, yet delightful, entertainment.

Have you ever been to the J&J Demolition Derby at the Allentown Fair?

Photo Credit: Jamey Holben