Wegmans! Yes, who would have thought it? Saturday night, my fiance and I were heading to an old friend's for some cocktails and conversation, and we decided to stop at Wegmans in Allentown to pick up some dinner for the three of us. Now, I have been to Wegmans several times and I absolutely love the marketplace side, but this night I learned something new about the place: Saturday night = date/hook-up night at Wegmans.

The place was swarming with singles and couples alike. It was almost as if they were giving away free food. Maybe with the news of them lowering their prices this past week people thought they would try it out.

Is this a normal thing for a Saturday night? Was it the Saturday night prime rib special or what? I guess we don't normally make it to the grocery store on a Saturday night, but we now know where to go to be with the "in" crowd ... forget the bars, head to Wegmans!