Last year The Great Allentown Fair’s midway got a face lift. Powers Great American Midways came in with a brand new midway. I am a big fan of rides, and they were awesome - the rides now rival Dorney Park and Hershey Park. The straight rows of games, food stands and rides is now a zig-zagging path making sure you won’t miss a thing.

Must-hit spots for the Allentown Fair's midway:

Ride: Vortex - I can’t really explain it, but there is definitely a free fall sensation. You can’t miss this thing - you can probably see it from Bethlehem because it towers over the grandstand.

Food: Willow Street Pub’s lobster rolls. That’s right, you can get lobster at the Allentown Fair. Find a place that has a blooming onion and get one of those too. Vince’s cheesesteaks are outstanding; same goes for a wedgie from John the Greek. I don’t even know where to begin for a desert - I would go with an elephant ear or funnel cake.

Games: I have 3 words for you. I GOT IT!

Next week, I'll have part 2 of The Great Allentown Fair covering the heart of the fair: agriculture, the Agri-Plex, and the legendary grandstand.