I don't wear eye shadow or lipstick. I don't moisturize.I don't "do" my hair. I don't go tanning. I don't get manis and pedis. I hate the color pink.

But every once in awhile, my inner goddess insists on being pampered, so as much as I may hate it at times, I take her shopping. The best place I've found in Lehigh Valley to do this type of indulgent shopping is The Foo Foo Shoppe.

Thankfully, my goddess doesn't insist on buying lip shimmer, body butterperfumed body powder  or coconut foot creme - but if you're into that, The Foo Foo Shoppe's got it. My purchases are more along the lines of candles, soaps and rubber duckies.

Years ago when I was an intern at Prevention magazine in charge of the beauty products column (ironic, isn't it), Primal Elements sent us some samples of their sliced bar soaps and color bowl candles. They were awesome! But I never expected to see a store in the area to sell something as hip and quirky as a bar of soap with kisses on it that smelled like champagne and strawberries or a floral-smelling candle made up of what looks like flower-shaped JELL-O jigglers. The Foo Foo Shoppe carries so many Primal Elements products that I have a really hard time deciding which ones to buy.

But my ultimate indulgent purchase from The Foo Foo Shoppe are miniature rubber ducks. Last time I was there, I picked up a family of cat ducks that sit in my office window smiling at me. But cat ducks are just the beginning! Pirate ducks, tourist ducks, firefighter ducks, vampire ducks, hippie ducks, devil ducks ... you get the point.

Have you ever been to The Foo Foo Shoppe?