There are so many great restaurants in Lehigh Valley that it is difficult to discover them all. That is why the Dream Come True 2012 Restaurant of the Month Calendar has been so helpful in introducing me to some unique dining options. The calendar includes great restaurants like Edge, Cosmopolitan and Shula’s Steak House. I was really excited to visit June’s featured restaurant; the Farmhouse in Emmaus.

Since the Farmhouse specializes in farm-to-table cuisine, I looked into their menu and beer list well before my reservation. With over two pages of beers, I couldn’t wait to see which beer would complement my dinner.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we placed an order for a beer and the Cheese Board. The Avery Karma (from Colorado) was a unique beer that had hints of citrus, clove and peach. The Cheese Board featured 5 different cheeses with some fresh fruits. The imported blue cheese was definitely my favorite selection.

The menu offered entrees that were extremely unique and piqued my curiosity. When it came time for a decision, I selected the Bourbon BBQ Glazed Half Chicken & Biscuit. The dish featured organic chicken, a buttermilk biscuit and a fire roasted poblano corn hash. I have never had anything like the corn hash and it was a great compliment to the bourbon BBQ glaze on the chicken. My meal was delicious and I can’t wait for my return trip to the Farmhouse.

Have you been to the Farmhouse? What is your favorite entrée?