The last summer hurrah for Lehigh Valley is always The Great Allentown Fair. Being a parent, that signifies that school is just days away. That is enough to make me happy, let alone knowing the class acts that will be performing, the smell and tastes of great food, the extraordinary competitions taking place from livestock judging to culinary delights, and of course the people watching.

I made it to the fair twice this year and each proved to be well worth it. First, it was for Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey, who were performing outside in the grandstand area. We didn’t have the best seats in the place, but the music could be heard no matter where you sat. I would have to say that Foreigner ruled the roost that night. I thought it would be Journey, but the new singer just can’t do justice compared to Steve Perry.

The second time I went fair was for another concert performance, Sugarland. I’m not into country, heck, I’ve really never even heard of them, but had the opportunity to go so I did. I was totally blown away by the voice that I heard. The sound was impeccable and the show was just as good.

As for both shows, the only thing I think was missing was alcohol! Just about any show you go to at least sells beer. Not at the fair though. Just outside the grandstand area you can grab a drink at The Main Gate club, but you can’t take it with you. The food more than made up for the alcohol bleep. It was Take-A-Taco, popcorn, waffles and ice cream and fresh cut fries. What foodie wouldn’t be happy with that? <insert smile>

We did a sweep through the livestock; rabbits, pigs, rabbits, sheep, rabbits, goats, rabbits, roosters and more rabbits. I think the rabbits populated a little too much this year. There were LOTS of them. Very cute though, I must admit. They also had a big cat show; lions and tigers. It was nice to be up so close to them. They even had an opportunity for you to feed them.

What’s your favorite ending tradition to summer in Lehigh Valley?

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