Ever since college I've dreamed of owning a B&B or country inn. Now, I don't think this will ever come true - unless I win the lottery - but it's still nice to dream. But if I did win the lottery, I want to own Glasbern in Fogelsville.

Glasbern is a true gem. Every time I visit I get this tranquil feeling as soon as I pull up the long driveway. You would think I was hours from home in the middle of nowhere, but actually it is less than fifteen minutes from where I live.

Their unique rooms and suites are located amidst 100 sprawling farm-like acres. Each room is decorated with its own rustic flair. My favorites are the suites that have the spiral staircases that lead to a whirlpool. I also love the stone fireplaces in the rooms, which adds just a touch of romantic ambiance for a special occasion.

Their one-of-a-kind dining room is set in an old barn with a rock wall from floor to ceiling. Its appeal is heightened knowing that most of the food is grown and raised right on the farm. In fact, you can often find the owner out-and-about herding up the animals!

I could probably write a short novel on how much I love Glasbern, so this short post doesn't really do it justice - you just need to visit for yourself. And I will just keep dreaming of the day I own a place just like it. What are your dreams?