Last Friday night I took my mom to The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival at DeSales University. It was her first time, and she couldn't believe that we have such high quality talent and a wonderful venue to view performances right in here in Lehigh Valley. Me on the other hand ... I'm a veteran to the festival and I look forward to going each year. The hardest part for me is deciding which performance to see!

Typically my show nights start with dinner. I normally pack a dinner and a bottle of wine and sit on the lawn outside the theatre and listen to the music and improv performances. This year the weather was a little iffy so we decided to dine at Melt at The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley. It also happened to be my mom's first time there ... she doesn't get out too much. She will definitely be heading back to Melt soon!

One of my favorite things about the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is the setting. I absolutely love Schubert Theatre at DeSales University. It's an intimate theatre that accommodates around 250 people, and the actors are so close to the audience. In fact, during one portion of the show one of the actors sat on the steps right next to my mom.

This year I chose to see The Comedy of Errors, although it was a hard choice because there are so many classics being shown this season. The Comedy of Errors was one of Shakespeare's earliest plays and also happens to be his shortest. The story revolves around two sets of twins who happened to be separated at birth. They each run into comical misadventures which lead to complicated situations that are sure to leave you laughing.

The show was performed by several outstanding actors that I've seen before, and it also starred a more well known actor, Steve Burns, who was the original host of the hit children's TV series Blue's Clues. Mr. Burns played one of the Dromio twins and is a delight to watch perform. I wouldn't just say that his role was a winner, but both twin Dromios really stole the show in our opinion.

The Comedy of Errors runs through July 17. I know my mom wants to go see it again! Will you go check out a performance at The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival this season?