Happy 2011 Winter Lehigh Valley. Sitting indoors looking at the wintry mess outside that's supposed to continue on through the day and night, I'm thankful I was able to take care of a little personal business last week. Today, I will reap the rewards of being a little spontaneous, after some initial researching and planning. You see, last week I purchased my second drum set.

After some internet research and some communications with other drummer friends, I ended up going back to a retailer that I've been comfortable with all along in my drumming journey ... Guitar Center in Allentown. Just walking into the store to pick up more sticks is an enjoyable experience for me. Whether you're a guitar enthusiast, drummer or keyboard player, walking into Guitar Center makes you feel young again. There is always someone playing a new guitar model they're eyeing up. Bass guitars or six-string acoustic or electric ... they're hanging all over the walls.

The drum shop at Guitar Center is in the back of the store. Ryan Mangle is the drum shop manager and my go-to guy whenever I have questions about my drumming needs. A phenomenal drummer, Ryan is typical of the entire staff, always having the customer's interest at heart. Headed by Guitar Center Store Manager Will, the staff has a comprehensive product knowledge and is courteous, friendly and professional.

I had it narrowed down to two particular OCDP (Orange County Drums and Percussion) kits. The problem was, I could only make it to the store on Wednesday, which was Ryan's day off. He was thoughtful and kind enough to make the trip in that day to take care of my situation, which meant a ton to me as a customer. He even helped load the kit into my Jeep.

Thanks to Ryan, and the entire staff at Guitar Center, on this dreary day at the beginning of February, I will be playing my new OCDP kit in my basement. It's gonna get loud, but who cares!

What are you doing on this cold winter day?