For the past three years I have volunteered to help out at "Teddy's Birthday Party" at Roosevelt Elementary School in Allentown. Despite how it sounds, this was not a birthday party for our 26th president Theodore Roosevelt (his birthday isn't until October 27). The birthday we were celebrating at Teddy's Birthday Party last Thursday was the 100th birthday of Roosevelt Elementary School.

My wife, Casey, is the head honcho for this event. And even if I wasn't her husband, I would still say she did a wonderful job. There were tons of games and activities for the kids to participate in. Face painting seemed to be a popular station for the kids.I didn't get to walk around and see them all since I was put to work as soon as I arrived. I was stationed at the bean bag game that is pictured above. Not sure what the object of the game was, but the kids really enjoyed throwing bean bags at the target as hard as they possibly could.

After three years at the event, it seems to me that Teddy's Birthday Party seems to get more popular. I believe the final attendance this year was 558. Afterwards it felt like I bent over to pick up bean bags 558 times. All in all it was a great event. They had great weather and it seemed that all the kids and parents had fun.