I took a day off of work last week to use a gift certificate I had received last Christmas for TC Salon & Spa. Actually, my sister-in-law, Stacey, got the same gift so we decided to use them together. We decided to go to the Allentown location because it is close to home. Neither of us had been to either of their locations. Well, it was like we stepped into heaven when we got there. All of our stress seemed to disappear with just the thought of the treatments we were going to receive.

We started off with a one-hour massage with private rooms located next to each other. The treatment rooms were tranquil with candles and soft music playing. The table was heated which made it very comfortable.

Monica was my massage therapist and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a more spiritual experience. She is also trained to do reiki which is something I would love to try in the future. Monica did a great job from head to toe with my massage. Stacey said her treatment was good as well, but her back ended up going out on her halfway through the treatment. It had nothing to do with the therapist, she just can't lay flat on her back or stomach for long periods. I thought I heard her yelping a little through the door, but I was enjoying myself too much to have Monica stop. I figured she was in good hands. We definitely had some good laughs about it for the rest of the evening!

Before we knew it we were off to our pedicures. This part was just ok for me because I have ticklish feet and the heated massage chairs were broken! Ugh!

Our last treatment was a manicure. The best part was the almond scented scrub they used. My technician did a nice job and made me feel like I could really get used to this kind of lifestyle!

TC Salon & Spa in Allentown is going to be moving to the old Shanty restaurant building on 19th St. in the West End district. I am looking forward to visiting again once they open. They also have a Bethlehem location (Read about Tracey's experience there). Other than reiki, is there any other treatments I should try? Anyone have a hot stone massage before?