My girlfriend, Jeanne and I traveled back in time last Friday night. We are always looking for new experiences and we found one from another world last week. Jeanne and I ventured to Tap & Table in Emmaus. I have been hearing all kinds of good things about this Gastro Pub and we were finally able to find our way there.

We walked in and decided to sit at the bar area. The place is very small, one room with a bar and some tables. There are a few high top tables and some lower tables with wooden benches that are kind of set up in a family style setting. There were a few red lights in the ceiling, but other than that, the entire place is lighted by candles. Yes, candles in the chandeliers, by the windows, on the tables, everywhere. It was really old-world charming! There wasn't even one TV in the place.

The bar top was unique as it was made of a hammered copper. We thought the bar snack was quite interesting too ... malted barley. Kind of a nutty, hoppy flavor in the shape of a seed. The menu had some German-like features on it. We decided to order the crawfish mac & cheese and it was incredible. We also ordered a cheesesteak bruschetta which was interesting. The pomme frites portion size was enormous and had a unique flavor. They were served with three sauces, a homemade ketchup and two different mustards.

I would venture to say that the specialty of the house is the beer. There are about 150 selections to choose from with 100 being a special reserve. There are also six on tap and three in a cask. I don't drink beer but the $10 flights looked interesting; you get five brews that are five ounces each. They also served beer cocktails which neither of us tried, but we thought sounded interesting.

We were pleasantly surprised that there was a jazz band that came in to play. The Greg Snyder Trio from the Philadelphia region. I was thinking it would be overpowering because it is such a small place, but it was actually very soothing.

Tap & Table has been around for about a year. Have you checked it out yet?