We’ve had some pretty nice weather lately in good ol’ Lehigh Valley. One of my top five summer activities is golfing. So the first nice evening that came along, my sister and I threw our clubs in the car and went to the driving range at Two T's Log Cabin Creamery in Forks Township.

Two T's has a nice driving range with both covered and uncovered stalls, an irons only area and a small chip and putt spot. They also have a 9-hole, par three golf course and miniature golf. Whoever wins mini golf buys the other ice cream at their ice cream stand (ok that’s my rule, not theirs).

That was my first time hitting off my clubs since last summer, not to mention that I tell people that I don’t actually golf, “I try to golf” (a.k.a. I’m terrible). At one point my sister asked me how I could be so bad at something that I’ve been practicing at for so long. I blamed it on the fact that they moved the platforms back this year, causing me to not swing properly.

This weekend, weather permitting, I may go golfing with my dad. Let’s hope he brings his patience with him. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day. I usually golf at one of three places around the Valley. I usually stick to Allentown Municipal Golf Course, Bethlehem Golf Club or my personal favorite, Wedgewood Golf Course. I golf at Wedgewood at least once a year in the annual Andrew Elchin Golf Tournament. I'm mostly excited to wear my new ugly golf skirt, I'm hoping it makes my fellow golfers dizzy.

Where’s your favorite place to golf?