My mom was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She has been trying to manage it with diet, but she also has to take some pills each day to control it. This is a hard task for my mom because she LOVES sweets! Give her a piece of chocolate and she will be your best friend for life.

So, for Mother's Day this year I decided to head to Josh Early Candies in Allentown for some of their sugar-free chocolate as a treat for mom.

Now, I have also been on a very restrictive diet for the last 100 days or so, which means I haven't had any of the sugary sweets at all. Walking into this store proved to be a challenge for me. Most people know that as soon as you hit the door to this store, you are in chocolate heaven! The smell is to die for.

I took my good old time slowly walking up and down each aisle looking at each of the homemade products. Just smelling and looking at all the goods put a big smile on my face. I had to do a double take when I got to the toasted coconut marshmallow ... definitely one of my favorites. 

I ended up buying my mom some sugar-free peanut butter nut fudge. I also thought I would treat my grandmother with some giant chocolate covered strawberries. Both mom and gram were happy, happy campers when I showed up with their goodies. 

My mom will definitely be heading to Josh Early to try some of their other sugar-free goods. And, as soon as I am done with my diet, I am going for some milk chocolate nonpareils (pictured) and the toasted coconut marshmallows!

What's your favorite candy from Josh Early? It's hard to pick just one.