It's been nearly 10 years since I've last set foot at Musikfest because I'm not a big fan of crowds. But this year, I gave it another shot by going with two Musikfest vets, Kate and Kelly.

My main reason for going to Musikfest was the food. Right away I got $20 worth of food tickets and headed to the nearest Aw Shucks stand (there's one in Handwerkplatz and one in Plaza Tropical) for a steaming roasted ear of corn with all the seasonings. Yum. 

Side note: I recently heard that Aw Shucks corn is now on the menu at Bethlehem Brew Works.

Corn in hand, we headed toward the nearest Take a Taco (the one in Volksplatz, but there's also one on Main Street). By the time we maneuvered through the crowd, I was finished with my corn and ready to plop down 12 tickets for a crispy-yet-soft tortilla shell filled with ground beef, lettuce and a fantastic shredded-cheese blend. Heaven!

We mostly wandered around after that, covering the majority of the platzes. I was so impressed by the variety of food available at Musikfest. Aside from traditional "fair" food, I found things like kielbasa sandwiches, potato pancakes and scrapple on a stick.

On our way up to Main Street, after getting a drafty Kutztown Soda Works birch beer at Handwerkplatz), some very dramatic music caught my ear. It was Cast in Bronze (pictured). Imagine a guy playing a four-ton pipe organ, but instead of pipes they're bells. Considering he's good enough to earn an audience with the Pope, I'd highly recommend catching this guy if you head to Musikfest - he performs every day on the hour from 5:30pm - 9:30pm.

It was a beautiful night, so the crowds grew to a size that I could no longer handle by 9pm, so we left. As we walked to the car, I sang along to the sounds of Puddle of Mudd playing at Sands River Place and thought to myself "I'm glad I went."

Anyone else wanna share a Musikfest experience? I'm all ears.