Lehigh Valley has some incredible parks including Trexler Park and the Rose Garden (in Cedar Creek Park)but I have to admit that my favorite is the dog park at Monocacy Park in Bethlehem. This park has become a family favorite, especially for Snickers.

I should probably start off by explaining that Snickers my 4 year old Welsh Cogri with the energy of a puppy. As for the dog park, it is split up into two gated areas - one for small dogs and the other for big dogs. Each area has a collection of toys for the dogs to play with. Even though the gated areas are pretty large, the dogs usually tend to stay in a small area.

Just the other day my wife and I decided we would spend the morning at the Bethlehem dog park with our favorite furry friend.

For Snickers, the dog park is a place for her to meet up with other small dogs like Tucker and Cooper.  They love to chase each other and run after the tennis ball. This is especially good for Snickers since she was bread as a herding dog.

For Erin and I, the dog park is a great place for us to meet other dog owners. We usually like to sit on the bench with a Wawa iced tea as Snickers entertains us. Our normal visit to the dog park usually lasts about an hour and ends with an exhausted dog.

Do you bring your best furry friend to the dog park?