Tonight the biggest sport in America gets underway when the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans to kick off the NFL season.

Since this is the only nationally televised game being played tonight there's no reason to go out in Lehigh Valley to watch the game. But once Sunday comes, there'll be 15 reasons to go out.

My buddies and I don’t like to miss a thing once the NFL season rolls around, so we like to go out to a local sports-watching establishment and take in all the action.

For week one we usually like to try somewhere new. This year we are going to give PigPen’s a chance. I gave PigPen’s a chance as a night club once and I have not gone back - probably because of my aversion to cover bands - but this time we're going for the sports bar aspect.

The group of football fans that I go to watch games with only have two requirements.

  1. That we are able to see every game from the seats we are sitting in.
  2. Cheap food and beer. Specials are key.

If PigPen’s turns out to be a dud we have backup plans in place. First would be Pitchers, which is right down the street from PigPen. If Pitchers fails to meet our needs, then there's the Blue Monkey, which we know meets the two requirements.

Where will you watch the games?