Please note, the last day for Dutch Spring's Aqua & Aerial Parks is August 20, 2021. Scuba Diving is available thru November 14, 2021 and on New Year’s Eve Day!

My boyfriend and I took his kids, ages 10 & 8, to Dutch Springs last weekend. It was our first time there and we weren't sure what to expect. I was happy to see that everyone entering the water park is required to wear a life jacket. The water was nice and cool -- just the break we needed from the heat. There was so much to do we weren't sure where to start. The kids tried the Iceberg, but were unsuccessful, so we moved to the slides. They were so much fun ... I'm 42, but I felt like a kid again.

It was nice being able to just float in the water with our life jackets to hold us up. We went on everything while we were there, but our favorite part was the Wibit. It's like Lehigh Valley's version of Wipeout! We climbed onto mats, over obstacles, balanced on narrow tubing to get to the next section and held onto handles as we tried not to fall off. At the very end there is this rope you have to climb up (approximately 15 feet) where you get to jump off and into the water.

The trampolines were a blast too! The floating mats were a nice break from all the swimming. My boyfriend and his son (the 10 year-old) made it up the Iceberg several times before the day was over. The snack area was nice too...subs and pizza instead of the usual hot dogs. We spent 4 hours at the park that day, and at the end the kids didn't want to leave. We will definitely return to Dutch Springs! Next time, we want to do the paddle boats or kayak too. Take your sunscreen! It’s easy to forget about the sun you get from the reflection off the water. I was red as a lobster!

Watch the "Lehigh Valley Visions" video about Dutch Springs.

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Jennifer Freeman