With mugs in hand, my wife and I headed out for an evening with STP (Stone Temple Pilots). I was really looking forward to the inaugural show at the new Sands Steel Stage after all the hype that led up to this festival. I found some convenient parking off Third Street. With some time to kill before the headliners took the stage, we ventured over to Loopers Grille and Bar for some libations with a few friends (Kratzke and Rick, I told them I would give them a plug) we haven’t seen in a while. As always, Natalie, Looper’s gracious owner, greeted us with a big smile and welcomed us to “LooperPlatz” 2011.

After a few drinks, it was almost time for the show so we walked the few blocks back to the entrance. Once through the gate we were met with the delightful smells that help make Musikfest special. It was time for a quick bite as our anticipation and excitement grew. I looked at my wife and said "it’s time". We were fortunate enough to have media passes, so our seats were up front which makes for an even better show and experience. We were ushered to the front row just in time to hear lead singer Scott Weiland belt out:

Kickin' as I'm tryin' to sleep I got the mud beneath my shoes Rubber band, rubber band Gun in hand, gun in hand I wanna use

With two childish-grins on our faces, we knew we were in for a great night. If you haven’t been to the new venue ... it won’t disappoint. It is far superior to that of the old. The old cliché that there isn’t a bad seat in the house definitely holds true. I for one am looking forward to a few more shows before Musikfest 2011 ends.  Are you?

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