The children have ventured back to school throughout Lehigh Valley and the air has become brisk. October is upon us and that means the month of ghouls and goblins and Halloween. Discover Lehigh Valley has just launched a brand new Stay & Investigate program that highlights haunted and "true life" horror stories throughout Lehigh Valley.

Check out for a list of the areas creepy locations including Museum of Indian Culture, Wydnor Hall and Buckeye Tavern to name a few. If you are traveling to the area to take in this experience you are going to need more than a day so we have you covered. From the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Breingsville to the TownePlace Suites by Marriott in Easton, you will find a convenient place to stay throughout Lehigh Valley.

All this ghost hunting is bound to stir up an appetite so please check out some of our said to be "haunted" eateries such as Hunan Springs, McCarthy's Tea Room and Stemie's Place, to name a few.

Please keep your eyes open for our ghost hunting Stay & Investigate guidebook being distributed throughout the valley, which contains a map of our “haunted” attractions, or download it on the aforementioned Lehigh Valley Haunt site where you can register for a ghost-hunting getaway too.

Feel free to recommend places of interest in Lehigh Valley that we should consider adding to the package, as we always want to grow our site. And remember ... sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.

Check out our Stay & Investigate video on our YouTube Channel.

Happy Hunting.