I can’t say that I’ve ever been a big parade person, however, the events I’m about to recount for you will lead you to believe otherwise. I can confidently say that I’m a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day (being Irish and all), so of course I’ll agree to any and all St. Patty’s Day festivities.

This all started with an invitation to Bethlehem’s Parade of the Shamrocks. The parade started at 2:30, and just to be sure we arrived in time and found parking my friend Jen and I met at Bethlehem BrewWorks for lunch at 11:30. At first BrewWorks was near-empty, but within an hour that place was jamming with green and kilts. After having a wit (best BrewWorks beer ever according to me) or two we headed across the street to meet our friends near the corner of Walnut & Main Streets.

Best part of the parade – Charlie Dent – go ahead, take a jab at me. No really, best part, the Irish Step Dancing, the candy and Coca-Cola handing out cans of soda and cups. After the parade we stopped at Joe’s Tavern for a bit, where we ran into an Irish family who initiated a dance off. Joe’s is very narrow, but that didn't stop our new friends and us from dancing the afternoon away. End day.

I did go out to a local bar on St. Patty’s Day, but that was for only an hour and there’s no story to tell there. Next up was Allentown’s parade. Please reference the first sentence or two of this post before you judge me. Allentown’s parade started with a “report time of noon” for brunch at my friend’s apartment, who lived right off the parade route, then the parade at 1:30. It really worked in our favor that she lived so close because we didn’t have to enter any bars for a bathroom break.

The best/most interesting part of the parade was when an older gentleman walked down the street in nothing but a green hat, a green cloth diaper and a cane. The crowd cheered and shouts rang out “I want to do that when I get to be his age.” After the parade it was back to our friend’s house for lunch before we headed back out to see if we knew people in the local bars. We stopped in at Stooges Bar & Grille then planted ourselves at The Tavern on Liberty for the remainder of the evening. Liberty's pizza is delicious, I recommend it to anyone.

For not being a parade person, I really enjoyed myself and I think I’ll start making this an annual tradition. Did you attend either parade?