I don't know how you feel about your sibling, but my sister is my best friend. We do a ton of stuff together, but there is one in particular that I enjoy: The Morning Movies.

Every Sunday, we go the AMC movie theatre at the Tilghman Square Shopping Center. My mom has dubbed this outing “St. Cinema” because instead of being at church we're at the movies.

The best part about the outing is that any movie that starts before noon is only $4. My New Year’s resolution is to be thriftier, and after the movie we usually go to my favorite lunch place, Wendy’s, so it really is a win-win situation.

Aside from the great price, the next best thing about attending The Morning Movies is that when the movie is over, you still have your whole day ahead of you to do other fun things around Lehigh Valley.  For example, last week after the movie we had plenty of time to go shopping at The Promenade Shops, watch the 5 hours of “24” I had on my TiVo and still make it to Stahley’s for dinner!

Shout out to Ro for being a great sister/movie watcher. Do you have a favorite person you like to hang out with?