Spring is knocking on Lehigh Valley’s door, and I hope it busts it down soon.

I know there has been talk about the mother of all snowstorms coming on March 7th, but guess what? I just checked the 10-day forecast, and March 7th is going to be 46 and sunny. So that ain’t happening.

You can officially put the Farmer’s Almanac and Mayan Calendar away, and keep the groundhog in its hole. Winter is finally over!

I know it is still cold out, but I can’t help thinking about springtime activities. Casey and I enjoy many outdoor activities in Lehigh Valley during spring. Hiking in Lehigh Parkway (among other local places), biking, tennis and outdoor cooking are at the top of our list. Spring also means softball and horseshoes are back in season along with one of my favorite warm-weather activities, disc golf (last year I was playing disc golf by this time). So bring on the higher temps because I can't wait any longer.

What are some of your favorite spring activities?