Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdomis celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and they gave themselves a really cool present, the Good Time Theatre. And when I say "cool," I mean that literally - the $6 million 600-seat theatre boasts a huge stage of ice.

So Lehigh Valley PA is now home to a first-class professional ice show, "Snoopy Rocks! On Ice." Don't let the name fool you, this show is a must-see for adults as well as kids. As a matter of fact, with all the beautiful female skaters performing their routines, some of the guys in our group didn't even pay attention to the Peanuts characters!

All my favorite Peanuts themes are featured in this show: Snoopy battling the Red Barron, Charlie Brown awaiting the Great Pumpkin, Lucy's psychiatric advise booth. Watching them made me realize how much Charles Schulz's neighborhood kids (and dog!) were a part of my growing up, too.

I have to admit, sitting in the front row made me a little nervous - it seemed like I was mere inches away from at least 16 skaters performing dare-devil maneuvers at top speed. I was amazed at how good they were, especially when I heard they've only been working together for a couple months.

All in all, the "Snoopy Rocks" show is a great addition to an already fun-filled park. I'm sure the three shows daily (four on Saturdays) will be performed to a packed house. But if you want to catch the show, don't go on Wednesday - even big furry beagles need a day off!