I survived the doubleheader concert extravaganza last weekend, so here's my Cloud Cult experience, as promised. 

Like many Zoellner concertgoers, our group of six started at The Tally Ho for a drink. After that, we made our way to another favorite spot of Zoellner regulars: the front porch of a college student’s house. It's not as bad as it sounds; we were just stopping by to pick up another over 21 Cloud Cult fan. After having the standard warm can of beer, we made our way up the hill to Zoellner.

It felt a little weird going to an indie rock show in such a beautiful building. If you go to Philly to see a show like this, you're in an old church. If you go to NYC, it's in a swimming pool. I AM NOT JOKING!!!!

Once we got into the show, I hung back a little while my bro and a few others went right up to the stage. I don’t know how to exactly explain their sound, but it had me moving. What I didn't understand was how the rest of the crowd kind of just stood there. I guess people enjoy music in different ways.

My brother and one of our friends made it perfectly clear how they enjoy music: There was a lot of jumping, fist-pumping, clapping and singing coming out of them. (To my fellow concertgoer Z: yes, we were the group singing along and making the YEP calls during Transistor Radio.) Our enthusiasm for the show got a smirk and a laugh from the lead singer, who was wearing a "dance slipper" on one foot while his other foot was bare - hmmm? Everyone I went to the show with had a great time and wouldn't think twice about going to see another show at Zoellner.

This weekend, I'm switching gears: Tomorrow night I'm heading over to Kirby Sports Center at Lafayette to see my Alma mater, the Temple Owls, roll over the Lafayette Leopards.