This past Saturday my sister and I decided to have a girl’s day/night in the valley. I suckered her into running a few errands first, like food shopping. After that we were supposed to go to the gym together, but while in the car she said “do you want to skip the gym and go to the mall instead?” Without skipping a beat I shouted YES! Good thing my apartment is on the way to the mall because we pretty much played ding dong ditch with the groceries.

Warning: for inquiring minds or shopping extraordinaires who are reading this, I added visuals to sooth your thoughts of “I wonder what *insert item* she chose or was looking at?”

My sister was in need of some new flat black boots and I was still looking for a pair of straight leg Levi’s (NOT SKINNY JEANS) in petite, yes short is simply not short enough. I can only image the issues people who are shorter than me have. Lehigh Valley Mall has so many good stores to shop for our items, and many others as well. We stopped into Baker’s and she tried on every flat black boot they had. We stopped in Macy’s and JC Penny’s to look at the jeans. While in Macy's, I went in search of Versace Bright Crystal so that I could be sure I liked the smell. I also checked out their selection of white watches; there was a gorgeous Coach one, but ceramic watches are too far out of my price range. The first time it hit anything I’d probably cry ... ok maybe just a very dramatic “nooooooo” while dropping to my knees.

The other stores we choose to hit were Gap, Buckle, Charlotte Russe, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Tilly’s Payless ShoeSoure and The Shoe Department. We find her boots in Payless, it's hit and miss there but I always stop in to check out their boat shoes. I have Sperry’s and like to pay less to wear the heck out of them.

Due to lack of funds we stayed away from Express, The Limited, and New York & Company along with many more. We are quick shoppers but can drop a lot of dough, especially with all the great deals. Now just because we didn’t make it outside doesn’t mean we forgot what is out there. The LifeStyle Center is home to so many more great stores. I’d like to give a shout out to Coach, Apple Store, J. Crew, and Sephora.

Where do you like to shop in Lehigh Valley?