Welcome back to the work world, blog fans! It was nice to have some time off during the holidays - although being a mother of a teenager can really limit the time you get to relax and enjoy the things you really want to.

Just like every other year for the past two years, my son becomes obsessed with snowboarding at Blue Mountain Ski Areain Palmerton over the winter(thank goodness he got a season pass for his birthday and Christmas or I'd be broke!). Since he's not old enough to drive himself to the mountain, I become a part-time taxi cab driver, particularly during holiday break.

Last Friday's trip to was unique as I witnessed something I haven't seen at Blue Mountain before: Cars from throughout the tri-state area were parked all the way out on the service road leading to the upper lodge! (I even saw a license plate from Florida!)

I told my son I would wait until he took a run to see if he wanted to stay because it was so crowded, but he said, "No need mom, I have V.I.P. status." I asked what that meant and he said they have special lift lines with no waiting. He also said they even have their own dining area, which would definitely come in handy on a such busy day.

The V.I.P. status is brand-new this year and a really nice feature. I hope they continue with it next year. Did you know about this special treatment?