Some of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to tour the all new Sands® Bethlehem Event Center last week. The venue is sure to impress.  Without giving too much away, the color and décor leads to the upscale feel that I’m sure they were going after. From the point of entry through the Vision Bar, to the concert venue itself, I can’t wait to spend a night here seeing a show with friends.

The folks at Vision Entertainment sure have lined up an impressive list of performers; from the opening act, Incubus on May 16 - to Blink-182, Paul Anka, Melissa Ethridge, CSN and the Queen Extravaganza, who recently appeared on the hit show American Idol, there really is something for every music fan happening here.

As we toured the facility, the one concern that was reiterated was ticket pricing. With tickets ranging from around $50 to $100, I don’t see where the concern lies. To have a facility in the area bringing in acts of this sort, you have to use some common sense and realize they will demand more than a $25 ticket price. If you were to see a show in Philadelphia or New York you can expect to pay much more than this, especially if you factor in all the incidentals like gas, parking, time and a hotel room if you plan to stay over. Seeing your favorite band in such a quaint venue is well worth it in my eyes.

There will always be those who believe in a project and see the good that it will bring to an area and then there will be naysayers who find something to complain about no matter what. I for one think this is great for Lehigh Valley and welcome the Sands® Bethlehem Event Center with open arms.

Keep on Rockin’