Free admission + temps in the 80s + no rain + over 10,000 Rush fans = LOTS of people in attendance at the first night of The Great Allentown Fair. What a great way to kick off this annual Lehigh Valley event!

I have seen many shows at the Allentown Fairgrounds over the years. For last night's Rush concert, I had fantastic seats on the track, six rows from the stage (and the speakers, hence the hearing issue I'm having today). And you'll never guess who sat behind me! The mayor of Allentown! When's the last time you saw the mayor of your town at a rock concert?

Since Rush is currently doing their "Time Machine Tour", the stage was adorned with antique time machines, old radios and even an old sausage maker (which pumped out sausages all night long). The lighting for the show was incredible; there were actually four guys tethered to the lights above the stage making sure they were shining in the right places at all times. The sound was incredible and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. This was definitely the most elaborate set up I've seen in all my years of coming to Grandstand Concerts at the Fair.

The show kicked off with a five-minute video on the "real" history of Rush playing on three enormous screens before leading into "The Spirit of Radio," the first of 25 songs that were played.

I've never seen Rush in concert before last night, although I know most of their older music and I like it. I never realized that the band consisted of three guys: Geddy Lee, the singer/bassist; Alex Lifeson, the bassist/guitarist who, I might add, at one point pulled out a Nazareth-made acoustic Martin guitar; and Neil Peart, the incredible drummer who didn't seem to miss a beat. Who would’ve thought that three guys could produce the sounds they do! Check it out:

Are you going to see any shows at The Great Allentown Fair this year? I'd love to hear what you think of the venue.