As the weather turns for the best, runners of all sorts hit the pavement daily to log those miles. We are blessed to be in area with such great running trails and races. From the St. Luke’s Half-Marathon, Lehigh Valley Marathon for Via and the recently announced Runner’s World Running Festival in Bethlehem, we have some great races.

In particular I’m looking forward to the latter. This three-day event is sure to have something for runners of all levels; offering a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and even a children’s race. These are all special, but I felt compelled to share an incredible running story that began this past Sunday.

Growing up in the Scranton area I remember some good times and some bad. Mostly good, the area helped mold me into the man I am today. One of those good things was meeting Doug Masiuk.

Doug has lived with type-1 diabetes for over 33 years, and on Sunday, May 20 he set out to run from San Francisco to New York City in an attempt to raise awareness and generate support for the fight against the rise in type-2 diabetes and inspire other type-1 diabetics.

Hell with inspiring those with diabetes, he should be an inspiration to all of us. I know he was for me when I was young and still is today. I still can see the shots of insulin being given to my young friend.

It just goes to show when you have a big heart, a strong mind and choose your lifestyle wisely, anything is possible. Doug will head into Pennsylvania on about day 117 of his run and be in Lehigh Valley about 10 days later. If I did my math correctly, that makes it about September 24. So as the summer draws closer and we live our daily lives please keep an eye on Doug’s organization and look for him in our area as the leaves begin to change color.

To find out more about Doug and 1Run you can visit or 1Run on facebook. I wish you continued success my friend and to all those with diabetic issues as well. Get out and run Lehigh Valley.