On April 29, I participated in a little thing called Relay For Life. Ok, it’s not a little thing; it’s a very big thing, event, for a great reason. For those of you who are unaware, Relay For Life is cancer fundraising event operated through the American Cancer Society with events all over the world (I believe, don’t quote me). Typically these events held overnight, over a span of 24 hours with food, entertainment, tents, a survivor lap and never a dull moment.

With a little bit of research, you’ll come to find that there are several in Lehigh Valley. This particular event was held at Scotty Wood Stadium, located on Muhlenberg College’s campus, which is literally in my backyard.

I had walked in Relay For Life before, but this year proved to be very different…

For starters, this event was held during the day from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.  I frequently verified the times in sheer disbelief. Instead of tents being pitched on the football field, sunscreen was being passed around the track. There was plenty of food and entertainment from live bands to zumba, so what made this time different? I was walking with purpose. I was walking for a cancer survivor.

Our team captain, Dayna, is such a strong young lady. Having overcome cancer before the age of 29 is something that I can’t even fathom. She’s young and has her life back. Coming out of this, she could have chosen to ignore what happened, but no, she has chosen to stand up and fight along with millions of others, so that future generations might not have to go through what she and so many others have.

When I heard that Dayna had started a team, I said “sure, I’ll walk.” I did what I could to raise a few bucks, and come Sunday morning I laced up my walking shoes and headed up to the stadium. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I walked four miles then ran home to change into shorts and do a few chores prior to returning. I came back to walk a total of 12 miles that day. Saw old friends, made some new ones and walked for something I believed in.

This was a wonderful event, our team truly represented. At one point we were the only team walking, which is disconcerting, but all registered teams raised money and that’s all that matters, I suppose. Plus it didn’t last too long before people hopped back on their feet.

The definition of cause is the reason or motive for some human action; good or sufficient reason. Relay For Life is mine, what’s your cause of choice?