My baby is all grown up. She just turned 1.

Everyone has been asking me if the time flew, but I have to honestly say that it has been a long year. Having Rosie, finding a wonderful daycare, continuing my studies at DeSales, coming back to work here at Discover Lehigh Valley and trying to juggle it all has been very interesting. It helps that "The Dream"(the nickname Rosie's grandparents gave her) is a great kid. I only hope that's not her nickname on a reality show someday!

Anyway, we had a party to celebrate her big day. I decided to go with a whole "Rosie's # 1" theme, complete with custom-made foam fingers (that could also double as an IronPigs foam finger). Lunch was catered by Wegman’s. We had a giant foam finger birthday cake, made by her Aunt Ro, and decorations by Phoebe Floral. Everything was done to perfection, not that Rosie noticed.

I realize I might have gone a tad overboard when I bought $100 worth of candy at BJ's to fill up 10 goodie bags, but since "The Dream" is my one and only child, I had to make everything special. Plus, now all the kids LOVE me!

I need a theme for next year's party … I'm thinking "Tea for 2." What do you think? Where do you shop for all things party in Lehigh Valley?