Check List for the Saturday before Easter in Lehigh Valley: shop for groceries for Easter dinner, color eggs for hiding, bake desserts, get clothing ready for the big day, and since my niece spends the holiday at our house- find a fun afternoon activity! As luck will have it our husbands were available for our excursion to the Da Vinci Science Center. Upon entering Beth immediately ran for the baby chicks hatching in the incubator ... of course she wanted to take one home!

If you have not been to the Science center it is a fun, hectic ton of things to see, touch and do. Beth just ran from one activity to another with Ron and Jake right with her. I had to pry the men away from the puzzle area, Ron and Jake trying to beat each other to complete the puzzles! Of course they also loved the spiders, snakes, bugs and blue frogs.

Then on to the upper level to the activity room where the children were to take a plastic bag and fill it with protective gear, to cushion their raw egg that was to propel down a zip line into a wall of bricks. Ron and Jake immediately got to work not even helping Beth, they wanted to do this and win! With a great assortment of materials, including bubble wrap, cardboard, pillow stuffing and even marshmallow peeps they both got busy, we helped Beth! Exceeding our expectations, both Ron and Jake’s egg survived the crash and they entered their names and ages on the winning roster. Conclusion to this EggCellent adventure - the Da Vinci Science Center is hands down a winner for a fun afternoon including children and ADULTS!

When are you going to visit and take your husbands?