I'm so mad at myself. My goal this past weekend was to check out the 1st Annual Organic Apple Festival at the Rodale Institute farm in Kutztown, Pa. It was going to be held on Saturday with a rain date of Sunday. Well, my weather radar said rain all day, so I thought the event would have taken place on the rain date. I was wrong! I guess the weather in Kutztown was better than it was in Allentown. Bottom line was that I missed it!

Some of the events that were to take place during the festival were pick-your-own organic apples, horse-drawn wagon rides, crafts and games for the kids, farm tours, food, drinks, live music and raffles. They were even going to have one winner get to name an apple variety. The event sounds like it was a ton of fun.

Did you get to check it out? If so, how was it?

They did open the orchard for apple picking and the store on Sunday though (it is normally closed). I'm a big fan of their store. And throughout the year, they give regular tours of the farm, something I was looking forward to doing at the festival.

It's really pretty neat that we have such a great facility promoting improved health and well-being of people and the planet just right over Lehigh Valley's county lines, don't you think?