Last week, during my daily commute along Hamilton Boulevard, I watched the lime-green-and-purple Laser roller coaster slowly disappear from the Dorney Park skyline. Although I knew it was coming, seeing the double-looped coaster being taken down was a bit sad for me to see.

The Laser is directly responsible for me gaining the courage to ride roller coasters again after I literally slid right out from under my lap belt on an old wooden coaster when I was a kid. Don’t ask me how I came to go on a coaster that flips you upside down – twice – but after surviving my first ride on the Laser, I was willing to try anything. Heck, when Steel Force came in ’97, I waited in line for hours to ride the coaster with a 200-foot-drop over and over again.  

For some reason, over the past 10 years I have become deathly afraid of heights, so I don't mesh well with most coasters anymore. But I still love the Laser. During a rare trip to Dorney this past summer, I only had the guts to ride three: Steel Force, Hydra and my ol’ steely friend Laser.

Word on the street is Dorney is building a 600-seat theatre for a “Snoopy on ice” show for 2009, but it won’t be where the Laser used to be, which means there’s a spot to fill. What do you think they should put there?