When my friends and I were thinking about what to do for New Years Eve, the Sands Casino was one of the first places I thought of. I’ve been there several times and win or lose I always have a good time, so why not ring in the new year with the chance of some extra money in my pocket (or less, which is usually my case!).

By the time we got there a little after 9pm, The Sands was hopping! It was fun to be around all the people and the sounds of the casino. The cocktail waiters and waitresses were not only passing out free drinks but free party hats and noise makers. Everyone in the place seemed to be having a great time and really embracing the holiday. My friends and I went looking for the lucky slot machine that was going to make us rich for 2010 (not sure any of us ever found it, but we sure had fun looking!).

The Sands was putting on a Beatles tribute show. It was very crowded at the bar where they were playing but the show was broadcast on the large TVs that hang all over the casino. As the show progressed, the band played Beatles music in chronological order. But not only did the music changed, the band member’s looks did as well. It was fun to see the new clothes and wigs to represent the time period.

After dinner at the Carnegie Deli, which included the best tasting onion rings I’ve ever had, and a little more gambling, it was time for the countdown to 2010. The TVs were now showing Times Square and the whole casino was chanting the countdown. It was a great scene.

We finished off the night with champagne at the new bar, Infusion. It was such a cool atmosphere with its orange glow.

All in all it was a great night, and between the four of us we came home with an additional $12.50. Thank you, Sands!

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Rosemary Dowd, sister of our very own Megan Billowitch.