OK, I admit I get stressed out sometimes. And when I do, I love to get a massage. While I can't afford to have one very often, I try to treat myself to one at least twice a year.

My favorite place for a massage in Lehigh Valley has been TC Salon & Spa in Bethlehem. I've had massages, pedicures and facials there. I love the feeling of drifting away while a trained professional manipulates my overly tight muscles. Since I tend to hold stress in my neck and shoulders, it hurts so good when the therapist starts applying pressure to those areas.

But there's a new place I want to try when I'm ready for my next massage: Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie added a spa last year. From their web site, it not only appears to be first class, but the descriptions of the services offered there sound intoxicating.

Sign me up for Spa Package #1 with a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. If you're among the uninitiated to massages, here's a tip: don't do it for less than an hour. If you do, the massage will no sooner have started and it will be over. An hour or more is the way to go in my opinion.

I would also like to try their version of the hot stone massage since I've had one before and every spa does them a little differently. Some of the more exotic treatments such as Lomi Lomi, a Thai massage and shiatsu also sound inviting. And what exactly is a cocoon?

Here's to getting some R&R in the new year.