Ok, I have to confess. I have been to Musikfest in Bethlehem less than five times in my life. If you live in Lehigh Valley, that is probably a sin.

For 10 days in August, the only buzz you hear around town is, “are you going to Fest tonight?” But there’s more. I actually have two things to confess. The last time I was at Musikfest was probably about 25 years ago. Why?

Well, it just so happens that I’m not big on crowds and when they are combined with the dead heat of August, that just spells trouble for me. And that it did, the last time I was there. I actually ended up in Mediplatz! Yes, that’s the onsite medical tent. UGH. Everything turned out alright back then, but it was hard to bring myself to venture there … for years!

Last night I put all my fears behind me to enjoy the sweet sounds of Steely Dan. I had to check out the new Sands Steel Stage located on the SteelStacks campus. I figured that with NorthSide and SouthSide being used this year that the crowds wouldn’t be as bad. And, I was right. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The weather was perfect. The smell of food was in the air. The music sounded incredible. But to me, the scenery really stole the show. The iconic blast furnaces of Bethlehem Steel located in the background, just took my breath away, especially as they were lit up at night.

The sold-out show seemed to go off without a hitch. We were a little taken back that there was no formal introductions of the band. The music just started as if you were putting a record on. I think I just dated myself there, but I probably dated myself by choosing the concert I did.

Have you checked out the new Musikfest layout yet? Any Fest confessions? I'm confessing that I may become addicted to Fest next year!