Four days from now, thousands of Lehigh Valley kids (including those who think their dirty soccer uniforms automatically jump out of duffel bags, walk to the laundry room and re-appear without the blueberry slushy stains) will celebrate Mother's Day.

I have 20 years experience on the mom side, and way more from the kid perspective, so here's some advice ...

1) Don't expect you can walk into restaurants like Bolete, Cafe del Mar or King George Inn without reservations. Mother's Day is to restaurants as New Year's Eve is to bars.

2) If you are taking mom out to dinner, do realize the restaurant staff gives up spending time with their moms and/or kids to serve you. A nice tip would really be appreciated.

3) Don't assume mom will enjoy breakfast in bed consisting of malted milk balls floating in milk-soaked coco-puffs. (One of my sister's ideas ... not mine.)

4) If you're getting mom flowers, do plan in advance. Something from Phoebe Floral or Dan Schantz, for example, will look way better than something off the back of a truck ... and probably cost the same.

5) Don't underestimate the importance of a card or note. If you're not the "gushy" type, buy a funny one, or make your own (bonus points for that).

6) Do keep mom's interests in mind if planning an outing. You may think tickets to Lehigh Valley Grand Prix are the ultimate gift, but she'd really enjoy a round of golf at Putt U (or vice versa).

Ok, I've shared some of my thoughts. How have you celebrated Mother's Day?