Sunday night I did something I hadn't done for a long time: I went to the movies. Now, yes, I did go to Civic Theatre back in July for the indy flick "Cheri," but the last time I was in a regular movie theater was two years ago to see the very disappointing "Beowulf."

We figured the 7:45pm showing of "2012" (which even has a local connection) on one of the 16 screens at Rave theater at The Promenade Shops would be perfect timing to finish watching the Eagles/Chargers game and grab something to eat beforehand. Needless to say, we didn't get to eat and we got into our seats in time to see the last preview before the feature started - thanks, Eagles!

It was my first time at Rave, the only place my friends say they'll ever go to see a movie in Lehigh Valley. The minute we sat down in the stadium-style theater, I knew exactly why: they have high-backed, super-cushiony seats that recline! It's like sitting in a La-Z-Boy.

To get to those cushy seats, we had to pass by people already seated since we got there so late. Luckily, the rows at Rave are wide enough that you can actually walk by the people already seated and they don't have to stand up to let you through. Nice!

I paid $9.50 to get in to the movie, so I knew what kind of prices to expect when I went to get a soda and some candy mid-way through the movie. What I didn't expect was a lethargic teenager behind the counter who decided it was time to restock the cups rather than serve me so I could get back to my movie.

After the movie ended, I followed the flood of women into the ladies room. Aside from the neon orange paint that jolted me awake after sitting in the dark for nearly three hours, I was impressed with the cleanliness and the fact I didn't have to stand around doing the "dance" because there were plenty of stalls.

Have you ever been to Rave?